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LeveleseTM Bar Graph-DPM • Easier Level Display

LeveleseTM Bar-Graph-DPM offers users of LeveleseTM tank or other level or flow sensors, an easily installed, easily-read, programmable bar graph process indicator with 4-digit numeric process display. four alarm indications, with two operating dry Form A relay contacts for control or other uses. Field programmable features include the ability to flash the display when a preset value is exceeded.

LeveleseTM Bar-Graph-DPM is:

  • Matched to LeveleseTM Sensors
  • Factory tested and calibrated
  • Equiped with
    2-wire sensor power
    100W dropping resistor
    2 relay control contacts
  • Prewired for panel or surface mounting
  • Compact (<1" horizontal and 3.78" vertical space)
  • Calibrated graph index to your need
  • Easily field programmable
  • Easily read & inerpreted
  • Optional Easy Installation enclosure with cable for up to 14 sensors only
    1. Mount Sensor
    2. Connect cable to terminals
    3. Plug in power
    4. System is operating!
Optional LeveleseTM Bar Graph-DPM Enclsoure for 1-14 displays

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Email: info@levelese.com


Red, 51 segment, high brightness graph
Displaying 0.00-100.0%
Optional Customer Specified Scales Avaialable
Red, 4-digit LED 0.31"H
4 LED status alarms
2-5 Amp AC, Form A alarm relays
24Vdc Transmitter Power
Power: Autosensing AC-DC for
85-270 VAC
95-370 VDC
Accuracy: 0.05% of Reading +2 counts
Operating temperature: 0-60oC
Case Dimensions:
Single Display: 1/16DIN
Enclosure (1-14 Bar-Graph-DPM’s):

Single Display: 6.5 oz
Enclosure (1-14 Bar-Graph-DPM’s):
8.5 lbs + Displays

User Adjustible
DPM decimals
Display range
Display flash in alarm
Sample rate
Signal averaging

TM Standard Service Sensor
TM Corrosive Service Sensor
TMOpen Channel Flow &
Stream Measurement
Intrinsically Safe Certification: Class I,
Div 1, Groups C&D

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