Levelese Well Sensor--How It Works
Using the principal of buoyancy the Levelese level measuring system weighs an inert plastic chain, secured below the fluid surface, determines the inverse of liquid level, converts it to an analog electronic signal which is sent to the surface via the cable where it may be read with a Bar-Graph-DPM, SCADA RTU, PLC or other device.

The Levelese Well Monitor includes

  • a length of plastic sensing chain,
  • a load cell which constantly weighs the sensing chain,
  • a 2-wire 4-20 mA load cell-to-signal current transmitter with zero (Z) and span (S) adjustments,
  • aluminum enclosure,
  • a PVC-jacketed, shielded cable connecting the sensor to the surface and supporting it,
  • a Bar-Graph-DPM with 4 digit display calibrated to 0.01 units to display level
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